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Author Copyright Agreement

License to Publish in riksha.com

In order to publish your article we need your agreement. Please take a moment to read the terms of this license.

By submitting your original work to our online web magazine riksha.com, you and all co-authors or co-creators of your submission agree to the terms of this license. We do not require exclusive rights. You may simultaneously submit your work to other publications.

The publisher reserves the right to reject the work for any reason. Submission of your work, and acknowledgement of this agreement does not constitute acceptance of your work for publication.  You will be notified of acceptance or rejection within a standard time frame.

By submitting your work to our publication, upon its acceptance for publication by riksha.com editors, you grant us non-exclusive, simultaneous rights to reproduce your work, within the context of riksha.com in electronic website format, and within its associated digital web archives.

By submitting your work for publication to riksha.com you promise that the piece is your original work. You also promise that the article does not, to the best of your knowledge, contain anything that is libelous, illegal or infringes anyone’s copyright or other rights. If the piece contains material that is someone else’s copyright, you promise that you have obtained the unrestricted permission of the copyright owner to use the material and that the material is clearly identified and acknowledged in the text.

We promise that we will respect your rights as the author(s). That is, we will make sure that your name(s) is/are always clearly associated with the work and, while you do allow us to make necessary editorial changes, for purposes of clear presentation, we will not make any alterations to your work without consulting you.

All rights in the work now existing or which may hereafter come into existence, except those hereby specifically granted to the Publisher are reserved to and by the Author for Author’s use.

The publisher shall have the right to use the author’s name, image, likeness and biographical material for advertising and promotion of the work within the context of riksha.com. This may include mention in social media postings, as well as web advertising banners, email distributions, and hardcopy promotional materials, as well as other communications deemed appropriate by riksha.com.

At any time, you may request that your work be removed from the web publication, and this agreement ended. Your work will be promptly removed upon notification to riksha.com, and upon subsequent confirmation of identity.

At any time, riksha.com may choose to remove your work from publication on the website or associated online digital web archives. This may be done without notification.

Unless previously terminated as provided herein, this agreement shall continue in force, with respect to copyright obtained under the laws of any country covered by this agreement, for the term of the original copyright, renewal, or extension thereof which relates to the Work and which may accrue to the owner of the copyright under the present or any future law of said country.

This Agreement shall be interpreted according to the laws and statutes of the United States of America and of the State of Illinois.


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